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Hauz Khas, Delhi


Hauz Khas was built under the rule of Ala-ud-din Khilji who put up the tank for the water supply of the city. The royal tank was renovated by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and madrasa, mosque and the tomb on the eastern and the southern banks of the tank.

Hauz Khas was built in the shape of L and beautifully decorated with lush green garden and old monuments and sculpture.

The madrasa was built to teach religious aspects and so the place was regarded as one of the sacred places. Hauz Khas is a must visit place as the concept shows the planning that the previous rulers used to impose for the city. The place gives the wonderful example of the well managed kingdom and the city planning that the city experienced in those days. The quaranic inscriptions on the walls show the religious ambience that used to prevail in the area.

Nowadays Hauz Khas has changed her definition to a residential are where lots of boutiques and handicrafts can be found. The place is an ideal place where you can easily experience the old Islamic culture and the ancient art and architecture in these monuments.

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