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Ashokan Pillar

There are two Ashokan Pillars in Delhi.

Ashokan Pillar near the Hindu Rao Hospital

In the year 1356, Feroze Shah Tughlaq, the third sultan of the Tughlaq dynasty ordered the transfer of this Ashokan Pillar located in Meerut to Delhi. This was simply because he liked the structure and was extremely fond of collecting antiquities. The Ashokan Pillar dates back to the 3rd century B.C. and was first brought near his Hunting Lodge.

This magnificent structure built of polished sandstone is 14 feet high. There are seven main inscriptions and many minor inscriptions in this pillar. They are all written in the Brahmic script. The message that is inscribed at the base of the pillar advocates that there will be a lot of peace and harmony in the world if the teachings of Lord Buddha are religiously followed.

Unfortunately in the year 1713 this pillar was damaged because of a gun powder explosion. It broke into five pieces. Hindu Rao then took the initiative to donate all these pieces to the Asiatic Society in Kolkata.

Finally in the year 1867 a group of enthusiastic people joined these pieces together and re-erected it. It was restored in its entire original architectural splendor for all to admire. However this Ashokan pillar is not in a very good condition now.

Ashokan Pillar at the Feroz Shah Kotla

This Ashokan Pillar is in a relatively better condition. This 13 meter high sand stone pillar was transported from Topra in Ambala district. A pyramidal structure in three storeys was built by Feroze Shah Tughlaq to install this pillar. This pillar edict records the ten commandments of the Buddha in Brahmi script. It is so polished that it is often mistakenly thought to be built of metal.

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