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The People of India

Hours Before Freedom

India is a fascinating country where people of many different communities and religions live together in harmony. The diversity of India makes it a mini-continent. There are many diverse ethnic groups among the people of India. The people of India range from the tall, fair and fine featured Kashmiris to the Dravidian people of the South. See the contrast between the burly Sikhs of the Punjab to the Mongoloid tribes of North East India. The people of India are an amazing mixture of races and cultures.

The inflows of invaders at different periods in Indian history and their assimilation into the local population, has led to the heterogeneous population of India. The Europoid Aryans, the dark skinned Dravidians, the Mongoloid communities of the North East and the Negrito tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands make up the different ethnic communities and races of India.

The number of languages spoken by the people of India reflect this ethnic diversity. Languages that belong to the Indo-Aryan family of languages are spoken in Northern India. Hindi being the most prevalent. The Dravidian languages of South India, include Telegu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam.

Tribal groups such as the Santhals and the Munda and Oraon speak dialects of the Austro-Asiatic family, and the tribes of the North East such as the Naga, Mizo, Khasi and Lushai speak dialects closely related to the Tibeto-Burman family. This amazing mixture of races, languages and cultural traditions come together in a unified whole to form the united people of the fascinating country of India. Get to know more about India with India Profile.

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