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Pranic Healing

The late 90's and the early part of the 21st century have been dominated a sudden reawakening of interest in natural therapies. Often considered esoteric they are much sought after today.

One of the most effective and continuously sought after treatment is Pranic Healing. Since time immemorial learned luminaries in various civilizations have been aware of prana, and mention its use in healing. Paintings of saints and deities surrounded by a glow of light show that people knew about the energy surrounding the physical body and depicted it thus.

What is pranic healing? The energy surrounding the physical body is referred to as prana. It is referred to differently in different languages like Ki in Japanese and Chi in Chinese. This vital energy or "aura" is something which is possessed by all living beings. To provide a proof of the presence of this energy most pranic healers tell their patients to try this simple test. Keep both your hands horizontal, with the palms facing each other. Now slowly rotate the hands, as if imitating the running of a train, in the clockwise direction at least 15 times. Without breaking continuity do the same movements in the anti clockwise direction another 15 times. Stop and bring the palms towards each other in the same position. One can instantly feel the presence of an energy level between the palms. This aura is invisible to the untrained eye but can be seen by persons with clairvoyant abilities. However, Kerlian photography has managed to capture this luminous energy surrounding a person through high frequency photograph, providing the ultimate proof of the existence of aura.

The system believes that all living beings have two selves -- the physical self and the energy that forms the exterior cover. The two are said to be intertwined and intrinsic so much so that the energy is often referred to as the "etheric twin". To be hale and hearty both the energy and the physical self need to be harmonious. A problem with the physical self affects the energy and vice versa resulting in a disease. The disease before attacking the physical self has to enter the energy level. So it is possible to come across the disease months before it is physically manifested.

The healers try to cure the disease by clearing or cleaning the energy systems. The system comprises 11 major chakras (corresponding to the vital organs) in the body. These are Basic Chakra (located at the base of the spine), Sex Chakra, Meng Mein Chakra (located approximately at the back of the navel), Navel Chakra, Spleen chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Forehead chakra and the Crown Chakra. These are termed as the major chakras. Each chakra has its own position and it controls a set of organs. There are other minor chakras of the body as also the nadis that correspond to the blood vessels.

A very interesting question that is bound to cross the mind of the reader is who are these healers. They are actually normal people, leading very normal lives. They range from social workers, housewives, teachers, doctors and managers. Many of these persons are converted skeptics. A very interesting healer I met was a surgeon called Dr. Sandeep. According to him any system is accepted as healing if it satisfies the three dictates: diagnose (able to pinpoint the problem /disease); provide relief (in any form -- permanent or temporary to the patient) and lastly, the results can be reproduced i.e. it is not a miracle that happens only once. And this system offers all the three. What helps him, is his ability to scan the patient without having to touch or take him through a Cat scan / X-ray machine.

The healers are taught to mentally scan the body and in the process identify the various flaws. Ranic Centers conducts courses where these skills are taught. These skills can be acquired by anyone with dedication and perseverance. Another healer, Yogam, a lecturer at Delhi University, feels that every person should learn this art of scanning and do the basic course, as it helps a person understand many things and find inner peace. Even when the person is suffering from a disease which is not curable, his attitude to the problems becomes much more positive and accepting.

What is the healing all about? The patient is then made to sit on a chair, with palms kept in the receiving mode -- open, and asked to relax -- meditate -- with or without closed eyes. The healer first scans the patient -- his aura, the chakras and the nadis. In a healthy person all the chakras are balanced. In case of a malfunction, these chakras are clogged and congested with pollutant air. The healer cleans the chakra and reactivates the chakra with fresh vital energy. These actions are all performed externally. The healer uses his hands for these movements. A bowl of water with sea salt added to it is placed near the patient. The unwanted energy thus removed is put in the water. Sea water has the property to absorb the bad energy and prevent it from spreading. After treating a patient, the healers wash their hands with Isopropyl alcohol (same as what surgeons use).

The alignment done by the healer may not be permanent and in a couple of days if it is not repeated the chakra can come back to its original position. The number of sittings and time period however vary depending on the magnitude of the disease. All these processes are done without touching the patient. This system tries to cure the problem from its root. Mrs. Manchanda, a social worker, was cured of acute arthritis after continuous treatment of 3 months. Today, she is also a healer.

This system can be used to heal, alleviate a large number of ailments ranging from brain tumors, stomach disorders, ulcers, skin diseases to mental ones like depressions, schizophrenia, mental retardation, etc. Certain do's and don'ts however, have to be followed by the patient -- abstaining from meat, cigarettes, alcohol. Not washing hands for 12 or more hours after receiving healing. In certain cases, the problem might not be physical but emotional. Deep rooted fear, hate or extreme emotions if kept suppressed for a long time can also manifest itself in the form of physical pain. In most healers' opinion, the mind contributes about 60% to all ailments.

So, at times, counselling and meditation can help reduce these tensions. Similar experiences are recounted by other healers. What needs to be understood is that it does not promise a cure in all cases. Where it is not possible to cure, it tries to reduce the pain and sufferings. Also, there are many problems which have their bearings in the doings (deeds and actions) of the previous birth. These problems are termed as Karmic. In most cases these have to be endured and cannot be done away with 100%. It also has the same limitations as the other forms of medicine i.e. it cannot save a man from dying. There are certain things which are part of nature and destiny and the healers are not supposed to interfere or try and stop it.

This alternate therapy is definitely worth a try. These words come from a confirmed cynic, me, who was cured of a lumbago problem in a couple of sittings.

Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi located at Akshay Pratishtan School, Sector D Pocket III, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110 070 Tel: 6138836/37 Fax: 6138838.
It conducts both healing and courses for learning Pranic Healing, which is done on the lines of the techniques developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. Healing is done between 11:30 am to 5:00 pm The 11:30 am - 1:00 pm session is open to everyone. The 1:00 - 5:00 pm session is by appointment only.
When going for the first time the patient can consult in the morning session and then fix up the appointment with a particular healer for the afternoon session.
The courses for healing are in three stages and are conducted over the weekends:
1. Basic course for pranic healing ( a 2 full day session) cost Rs. 1,250/- held twice a month.
2. Advanced Pranic Healing (also a 2 full day session) cost Rs. 1500/- held every month &
3. Pranic Psychotherapy ( a full day session) cost Rs. 1500/-. Held once every 2 months.
The cost is for the entire session and inclusive of lunch, tea snacks and course material. The Foundation can be contacted for the exact details of the schedule. Healing is also conducted at Sri Balavenugopalakrishna Temple, R-2, Institutional Area, Alaknanda, New Delhi- 110 019 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 5:30 to 7:30 pm.