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National Institute of Ayurveda - Jaipur

The National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA) has a glorious tradition of more than 135 years. In the year 1865 Maharaja Ram Singh, the ruler of Jaipur State started an Ayurvedic Department in the Maharaja Sanskrit College. Subsequently it grew into a full-fledged Ayurvedic College in 1946. In 1976 the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare established it as the National Institute of Ayurveda.

The Institute is affiliated to the University of Rajasthan and follows the syllabus and curriculum of CCIM as adopted by the University.

The institute also undertakes research projects. An APC Project of the Department of ISMH for standardisation of single as well as compound drugs is underway. The research activity also includes research work being carried out by PG scholars as part of their training programme.

The institute's Pharmacy is engaged in the manufacture of medicines required for OPD as well as research purposes. Two acres of the institute campus is devoted to a herbal garden where 170 species are grown.

There is a museum attached with the Department of Dravya Guna where 500 samples of crude drugs, mineral, marine, animal products, precious and semi-precious stones are displayed. There are also photographs of medicinal plants and herbarium sheets.


Graduate level course: Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), is of 5 1/2 year duration including one year rotatory internship. Teaching is based on classical Samhitas -- Sanskrit oriented and updated with audio-visual aids.

Post Graduate level: PG training is available in the following 9 subjects out of 13. The remaining will be taken up in the near future.



Dravya Guna

Shareer Rachana

Rasa Shastra

Vikriti Vigya

Shalya Tantra

Kaumara Bhritya

Shareer Kriya

The admission capacity is 5 per subject annually. An all India PG entrance test is conducted by the Institute. Scholars are allotted research topics of various aspects of Ayurveda touching their respective subjects. A stipend of Rs. 7,600/-, Rs. 7,800/- and Rs. 8,000/- is available during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the course. The stipend also carries DA which is 32% presently.

Ph.D Program: The Department of Kayachikitsa has 2 seats for Ph.D program every year. There is a stipend of Rs. 8,275/- for the 1st year and Rs. 8,550 for the subsequent years which also carries DA as above.

Patient Care Activities

OPDs of all disciplines are available. There are specialised clinics for Ano-rectal disorders, Dental, Orthopaedic, Eye, Diabetes etc. Outdoor therapies are also available for Agni Karm, Yoga, Uttarbast etc. Other facilities are also available like Pathological, Biochemical, X-Ray, Sonography, Audiometry etc.

There are 180 beds available and are distributed among various departments managed by faculty members.

Apart from general treatment there is specialised treatment for Ama Vat, chronic GIT including liver disorders, chronic respiratory disorders including allergic ailments, paralysis and certain neurological disorders including sciatica, various dermatological disorders etc. Kalp Chikitsa is a unique therapy available in the Institute Hospital. In this therapy the patient is administered only the medicine and curd (no food or water is given) for 40 to 100 days. It has had remarkable results.

Panchakarma therapy is also available. This comprises 5 purification and therapeutic procedures which have been found efficacious in dealing with orthopaedic, neurological and neuro-muscular disorders, joint disorders and other such conditions.