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Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is one of the important and main market areas in Jaipur. This market is the place which will give you the scope to shop the best products like fabrics, shoes, local perfumes. Shoes, jackets and textiles are the best in this place. The road side stalls are best place where you can explore the local shops and the local handicrafts at reasonable rates. The most important and attracting part of the market is the colorful fabrics with Jaipur prints, tie n die and block vegetable prints.

The wonderful zari work and the embroidered shoes are very famous and are popular among all the tourists. The leather shoes made from camel skin and the wonderful jackets and belts are quite attractive. The market is the place where you can bargain and get the best products. The local perfumes and the scent are very popular, they are made of natural elements and are very much herbal.

Any local bus or auto rickshaw can take you to the market and do not forget to bargain before buying any goods.

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