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William Fraser Bungalow

William Fraser Bungalow is a large domed building painted off white. It presently houses the administrative office of the Northern Railways. The bungalow was constructed in the year 1803 during the reign of Emperor Shahjahan. Sir William Fraser became the resident of this building after he became the deputy resident of Delhi.

The whole building comprises of two blocks. One of these blocks has four corner turrets and each of these turrets is octagonal in shape. This particular block is rectangular in shape and is attached to the portico. The striking characteristic of the other block is that it has a bow shaped verandah. This verandah once offered great views of the Yamuna River.

Unfortunately this building was damaged at the time of the great Revolt of 1857. It was later renovated. In the year 1997, this building received the Heritage Award. It is very well maintained and that too with least modifications. What is remarkable about this building is that it combines late Victorian and Indo-Sarcenic styles of architecture. The result is just remarkable.

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So do not miss out on this historical building which symbolizes remarkable architectural dexterity of the artisans of the period.

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