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Sultan Ghari's Tomb-Nearby Attractions


Sultan Ghari's Tomb was built by Iltutmish in 1231 for his son Nasiru'd-Din who dies in 1229 while fighting a war on behalf of his father. Located in Andheria More Road, about 8 kilometers from Qutub Minar, Sultan Ghari's Tomb is the first Islamic monumental tomb.

Nearby Attractions, Sultan Ghari's Tomb

Some of the nearby attractions of Sultan Ghari's Tomb are

Jamali Kamali Mosque - situated in Mehrauli village, Jamali Kamali Mosque was constructed by a famous Sufi saint, Jamali. The red sandstone and white marble makes the mosque look exceptionally beautiful.

Adham Khan's tomb - popularly called Bhulbhulaiya, Adham Khan's tomb is located in the Mehrauli village. The octagonal tomb of Adham Khan is a part of a labyrinthine structure. Built in the Lodhi style of architecture, the tomb has verandahs on every side.

Qutab Minar - largest tower in India, Qutab Minar is about 240 feet high. The sandstone structure is a tower of victory. It was built in three stages and today the five storied tower is synonymous with Delhi.

Gandhak ki Baoli - built during Iltutmish's reign, Gandhak ki Baoli is a five storied structure which is a popular tourist site in Delhi.

Rajon-ki-Bain - a significant monument of the Lodhi era is a four-storied well. There are many other important places to visit near Rajon-ki-Bain.

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