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Sultan Ghari's Tomb


Built by Iltutmish in 1231, Sultan Ghari's Tomb is the first monumental tomb of the Muslims in northern India. Iltutmish built the tomb for his eldest son, Nasiru'd-Din Muhamad. His participated in many wars on behalf of his father and died in 1229 at Lakhnauti. Later he was christened as Sultan Ghari.

The Tomb of Sultan Ghari is octagonal in shape and is encircled in a courtyard with sandstone colonnades on two sides. The architecture of the tomb is unique as many features of the tomb resemble those present in ancient Hindu temples.

There are many other tombs in the complex like that of Rukn-ud-Din Firuz Shah and Mu'izz-ud-Din Bahram Shah. Tombs of other sons of Iltutmish are also a part of the complex.

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