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Sangeet Natak Akademy

"Among all men on the earth bards have a share of honor and reverence, because the muse has taught them songs and loves the race of bards."-Homer (The Odyssey)

In the old days there used to be itinerant bards who wandered from place to place singing to the people. Now the concept has changed vastly. People like to spend their weekends listening to some splendid compositions that are enacted and presented with grace and precision.

Thus Sangeet Natak Akademy has gained a supreme position in Indian History. It was established by the Indian President in the year 1953 in order to preside on the country's art of drama and music.

This is under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism in India and it organizes interstate and inter-city art functions and exhibitions so that the talent that comes out can entertain the people by their talent and dedication to their profession. Various National and Regional level festivals are held by this Akademy and workshops are held on Music art and dance.

The library, audio visual unit are some for the attractions over here. Rare collections of the maestros are there to encourage the aspiring people into the same field and make them know the value of art and music as a whole. The library has an enormous collection of 22,000 books that interests all.

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