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Moth Ki Masjid

Moth Ki Masjid was built by Miyan Bhuwa, a minister during the reign of Sikandar Lodi. The significance of the mosque lies in being regarded as a major stepping stone in the field of Mosque Ornamentation in India. The Mosque is reflective of the architectural feats achieved by the Mughals and has a rather strange name.

The mosque was built with the revenue earned from crops. This crop was produced from just a single grain of moth and so it has been named as Moth Ki Masjid.

This magnificent structure is well worth a visit because it is beautifully adorned and has certain unique features. The mosque is raised on a platform. It is built of red sandstone. The central arch of the mosque is decorated with marble.

Moth Ki Masjid has three domes. At the rear end of the roof there are double storied towers with arched openings. The domed octagonal chhatris on the corresponding walls are no less impressive.

However it is the prayer chamber of the mosque which fascinates us most. There are five arched openings and all of them are exquisitely decorated. The mihrab has verses from the Koran inscribed in it.

If you are visiting Delhi and you do not visit the Moth Ki Masjid then you are certainly missing a monument that is emblematic of the remarkable architectural dexterity of the Mughals. A great stride forward was taken by Mughals when they designed this splendid mosque. It is indeed a glorious marvel of this era.

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