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Khuni Darwaza

Introduction to Khuni Darwaza

The Khuni Darwaza is one of the gates built by Emperor Sher Shah Shuri in his city Shergarh. This is a majestic double storied gate built with grey stones and red stone framed windows that give it a beautiful impression. The gate is called Khuni Darwaza because after the mutiny in 1857, a British Officer who murdered the remaining descendents of the Mughuls including the last Mughul emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and left their bodies for public display. Stories say that blood kept dripping from the ceiling of the Gate and led to it being called the Khuni Darwaza. It was at this gate that centuries ago Dara Shikoh's head was hung after he was murdered by Aurangazeb.

Earlier, the Khuni darwaza was known as Kabuli Darwaza because the road from the gateway led to Kabul in Afghanistan. To know more about the Khuni Darwaza in Delhi, you can browse through the following links.

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