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Architecture of Safdarjung's Tomb


Safdarjung's Tomb was built in the year 1753-54. The tomb is a wonderful work of art that shows the rich heritage of India and its past. Safdarjung was the viceroy of Awadh and after that he became the prime minister of the place.

The tomb is located near Safdarjung Airport. To the south of the tomb the battle field lays where his army and Timur defeated the army of Muhammad- bin-Tughlaq.

The tomb is made of red and buff sand stone. The total area is 18.28 sq meters. There are polygonal towers at the corner of the sepulture. There are eight apartments and the entombment is a square area. In the middle of the tomb lie the tombs of Safdarjung and his wife. The architecture shows the typical Mughal art and Architecture of Safdarjung's Tomb, the carvings and the paintings. The marble and the sandstone that are used in this tomb were bought from various parts of the country and were removed from the tomb of Abdul Rahim Khan-e- Khanan. The lush green garden adds life to the tomb and is a must visit place for the tourists.

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