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Neuro and Spine Surgery

Neuro and Spine Surgery deals with the surgery of problems related to the spine and nerve. Doctors who deal with neurosurgery are called Neuro-surgeons.

Spinal Fusion
The other name for Spinal Fusion is 'Sondylodesis' or 'Spondylosyndesis'. It is a surgical method that is used to fix or join 2 or more vertebrae. A supplementary tissue of the bone (popularly known as 'Autograft' or 'Allograft') is used with the osteoblastic mechanism of the patient's body.

When does a person need Spinal Fusion?

A person suffering from the following problems will be treated for Spinal Fusion:-

  • Spinal disc herniation
  • Disease of the disc (degenerative in nature)
  • Spinal tumor
  • Pain (discogenic)
  • Fracture in the vertebrae
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Posterior Rami Syndrome
  • Spinal instability
Types of Spinal Fusion
  • Posterolateral Fusion
  • Interbody Fusion
  • 360 degree Fusion (combination of the above two)

The procedure of fusion usually takes 6 months to 1 year to recover. Fixation includes changing or adding metallic screws and rods over this period of time. The surgeon may also do external bracing (orthotics).

'Decompression' or 'Spinal Decompression' means the process in which a patient is medically given relief from a single or multiple nerves that are pinched. This is called 'Neural Impingement'.

'Decompression' can be done both surgically and non-surgically. It is a treatment for chronic back pain including bulging disc, herniation of disc, stenosis of the spine, sciatica and spondylolisthesis (both isthmic and degenerative).

Anthroplasty is also known as Arthoplasty. It is a form of surgery that is done in order to relieve pain from a joint. There are two types of Anthroplasty; 'Joint Resection' and 'Interpositional Reconstruction'.

'Joint Resection' is the process in which a part of the bone is removed from a joint that has become stiff. This creates a gap between the concerned bone and the socket to facilitate movement. However, one disadvantage of this technique is that the joint becomes unstable.

'Interpositional Reconstruction' surgery is done so that the joint can be brought back to its original shape by adding a prosthetic disc between the 2 bones.

Anthroplasty is done with local anesthesia. The patient who has undergone Anthroplasty must be extremely careful and not overstress himself. This can destabilize the joint. The surgeon prescribes antibiotics to prevent infection.

Neuro and Spine Surgery
Spinal Fusion, Decompression & Anthroplasty  

(In US $)
Twin Sharing
(In US $)
1) All Elective Craniotomies 7 - 8 Days 9700 7600
2) All Microscopic Operations including implant 7 - 8 Days 14200 12200
3) All intra-dural Spinal Surgeries including implant 7-8 Days 14200 12200
4) Trans-sphenoid operations 7-8 Days 9600 7600
5) Spinal Fusion + Decompression + Anthroplasty
6) Revision Surgery for Lumbar and Cervical Disc Disease
7) Brachial Plexus Injuries / Sterotactic Procedures
8) Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons 7 - 8 Days 22000 19000
9) Vagal Nerve Stimulator 5 - 6 Days 9600 7600
10) Micro - Disectomies for Cervical and Lumbar Discs 5 - 6 Days 7800 6300
11) CSF Shunt Procedures 5 - 6 Days 7800 6300
12) Chronic sub-dual haematoma 3 - 4 Days 6000 5000
13) Burr-Hole aspiration for Abscess
14) Peripheral Nerve Surgery
15) Carpal Tunnel Release
16) Radiofrequecny Rhizotomy / Tic Injections


  • Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
  • These are indicative prices only and may vary depending on the conditon of the patient, at the time of admission.
  • Apollo will provide final estimates at the time of patient's admission.
  • Single room is well furnished with Bed, Sofa-cum-Bed for Companion, Cupboard, Medicine Drawer, TV, Telephone and Wi-fi facility for Internet access. Mobile phones are available on request.
  • Stay and food for one Companion with patient in a Single Room is included in the above packages.
  • Services like Mobile, Laundry etc. will be charged extra.
  • Post-stay outside the Hospital is at the personal expense of the patient and is not included in the above prices.
  • 1 US $ = INR 45

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