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Cancer Treatment in India

One of the most dreaded diseases, Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled division of cells in the body. This uncontrolled growth of cells in the body may initially lead to benign tumor but if not controlled may carry a risk of turning malignant or cancer at a later stage. Cancer can affect anyone at any age and according to the WHO the disease has a high probability rate. According to WHO one out of three women and one out of four men are likely to get cancer in their lifetime. With such high-risk rate, cancer treatment is available the worldwide. Besides, with hospitals like Apollo providing state of the art medical facilities, cancer treatment of India has become popular worldwide. India Profile offers to give you online information on cancer treatment in India.

It is a common myth that cancer is not curable and ultimately leads to death of a person. Against this common myth, only few people are aware of the fact that cancer is curable in most of the cases and if detected early, patient can lead a normal life. The use of modern technology and latest research has brought the cure rate of cancer to almost 70-80%.

Causes of Cancer
Though there is no fixed cause of cancer, likelihood of its occurrence can be attributed to various factors like intake of tobacco, alcohol, exposure to radiation and certain viruses etc.

Treatment of Cancer
Cancer can be treated by number of methods and therapies. Surgery, Chemotherapy, radiation Therapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy are some of the methods used in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Treatment in India
With state of the art facilities and low cost, cancer treatment in India attracts large number of medical tourists from across the world. Almost all big hospitals in India provide cancer treatment. Besides, the high success rate of cancer treatment in India is a major factor in bringing medical tourists.

Apollo cancer Institute recently started by Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi is a state of the art hospital providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach towards cancer treatment. The hospital is well equipped with latest technology and has competent and highly skilled health care professionals.

Hospitals in India like Apollo provide cancer treatments in major specialties like:

  • Medical Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology etc.

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    India Profile offers to give you online information on cancer treatment in India, India. For more information, please fill up the form.

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