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Surya Garh, Jaisalmer

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City : Jaisalmer
State : Rajasthan

The Surya Garh, Jaisalmer tells of an ancient story of a traveler who built this citadel with blessings of Surya. The foundation stone of the Surya Garh laid by the Suryavanshi under mysterious circumstances today echoes a beauty and the essence of a grand architectural monument in Jaisalmer. Today, the guests indulge in luxurious experiences within and around the fort surrounded by a thinly populated region. Everything is done to make modern amenities and facilities available to the travelers just as its origin goes. According to the story of building the Surya Garh, it is the respite and resting place of travelers after a day's tiring journey. You will love the hospitality and ambience of the hotel equipped with luxury rooms and Rajputana kitchens.

Amidst the large sand dunes, there is a luxury setting of ultra-royal suites and rooms. The rooms reflect the erstwhile royal extravaganza that is a Rajput's pride. The suites have royal frescos, gala dining arrangement, and multiple in-room facilities. The scores of complementary services at the Surya Garh hotel make your visit to Jaisalmer a memorable one.

  • Jaisalmer Suite
  • Historical Suite
  • Palace Room
  • Junior Suite
The Junior Suites are cozy and intact from other kinds of suites but they do not lack in any kinds of services. The Jaisalmer Suites and Palace Room create the ultimate essence during a honeymoon.

Check out some of the exotic facilities you are about to encounter here:

  • The Pool
  • The Gym
  • The Bar
  • The Card & Billiards Room
  • Conferencing
  • The Business Centre
  • Excursions
Excursions take you around the surrounding region and to the central destinations within the city. You are likely to have some memorable moments of the trip to sand dunes, see talwar baazi, visit the National Desert Park, and be at the ruins of Kuldhara.

Jaisalmer, the "Golden City of India" stands as the memoirs of the battles and the chivalry of the Rajputs in the country. There are numerous palaces and forts adorning the city limits, markets, and other historical monuments.

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