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Hair Styles


From bouffants to short straight cut, from curls and perms to coils and buns, women continue to experiment with their hairstyles. Let us take a look at the changing fashions in hair.

Luxuriant tresses have always been a source of inspiration for poets and painters. At the first hint of romance in the air, a woman’s instinct is to make her hair look its most luxuriant. The state of health and happiness is also reflected in the hair-a healthy and happy woman’s hair has a soft and glossy look.

Today Indian women spend a lot of time and care on making their hair beautiful and attractive. And history tells us that this was also true of the women who lived in indian aeons ago. That they gave considerable importance to hair styling is proved by Drupadi’s role in king Virata’s court where she served as the queen’s hair dresser durign the Pandava’s exile. She could prepare delicate unguents and wreath beautiful garlands and floral arrangements for the hair in various designs.

Vedic women wore their hair in myriad styles. One traditional style was the kapardin still worn by devotees of Shiva-a spiral. Coil of braided or matted hair kept at the top of the head at different angles. The other styles of this period were the opasa-a loose top knot, korira or kumba-a horn shaped coiffure.